DeHavilland was struggling to get good Insight through Salesforce to truly be able to analyse and assess our business metrics and understand inputs required to deliver the annual budget.

Connecting Business took the time to really understand the business processes to make helpful recommendations and to ultimately give us visibility of the business trading activity on a daily basis. They also fully implemented the CTI call system which helped our sales team truly understand their individual activity and conversions which saw the business realise its fastest year of growth for several years.
Connecting Business staff have a very methodical and calm manner and have great attention to detail which gave me the insight required to be able to run my business to great success.
Dalia Daud

Managing Director, DeHavilland


Client Summary

Size: 50 User Salesforce Sales Cloud Environment

Industry: Political Intelligence

Project: Provide ongoing support and Business Analyst services as well as BI reports and CTI phone system integration technology.



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