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Do you generate Revenue or Profit?

How do you know if you are profitable if you are not tracking and measuring your success accurately? Heating, lighting, staffing, rent, supplier costs, transport, refunds, time spent on fulfilling orders, meetings, calls, emails, all play a part eroding...

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Let’s Get Together and Make CRM Work

Who should be involved in Customer Relationship Management "CRM". Sales? Marketing? Finance? Delivery? Support? Research? The best answer we find is..... ALL OF THEM! It’s a common misconception that CRM is a technology in isolation and only designed for Sales. We...

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Introducing ‘Connecting Business’.

Welcome to ‘Connecting Business’. We are excited to relaunch our company with a new name and branding (formerly Lee Nightingale Limited). We provide businesses with Insight, Clarity and Knowledge to obtain Optimum Business Performance! Harness your data to not just...

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    LinkedIn Company Updates

  • 5 Months, 17 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Connecting Business Limited

    Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) is delighted to partner with Salesforce specialists Connecting Business to implement their CRM strategy. LAFF is a UK registered charity supporting marginalised and at-risk young people in Peru. Our aim is to enable them to access education and develop the skills they need to overcome personal and structural barriers, thereby building an independent future for themselves. As a growing organisation, we are gathering and generating increasing amounts of data and need to make sure this is held and processed securely and efficiently, particularly on the fundraising side, where we need to have at our fingertips who gave us money and when, and be able to analyse this information. Find out how Connecting Business helped LAFF here


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