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Size: 50 User Salesforce Sales Cloud Environment

Industry: Political Intelligence

Project: Provide ongoing support and Business Analyst services as well as BI reports and CTI phone system integration technology.

Shadow Foundr

Size: Startup

Industry: Investment/Crowd Funding

Project: Provide ongoing support. Provide Monthly BI reports. Carry out System Administrator duties.

Decibel Insight

Size: 20 User Salesforce Sales Cloud Environment

Industry: Web Analytics

Project: Migrate over from existing CRM to new Salesforce Sales Cloud instance including data migration services. Provide monthly BI reports. Support services and System Administrator duties.

Great Place To Work

Size: 400 User Salesforce Sales Cloud Environment

Industry: Employee Engagement Surveys and Consulting Services

Project: Provide ongoing support to over 35 countries/businesses within 1 global Salesforce instance. Consult and deliver on new projects. Advise on best business processes. Provide Business Analytics.


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