We strive to help our clients develop a solid foundation, supporting business strategy, allowing them to focus on growing and being successful.
Lee Nightingale

Lee Nightingale

Managing Director & Founder


 ‘Connecting Business’ was formed in 2013 to help clients achieve Optimum Business Performance through the use of technologies and processes, centred around a core ‘Central intelligence System’… or as the industry calls it… CRM.

Over the past decade, somewhere between 20-70% of CRMs failed to live up to expectations or failed
outright. The reason they fail is because they don’t put the customer at the beginning of the process.

At Connecting Business, we connect your business around your customer journey. We make sure that your business, sales and customer strategies are fully aligned. We empower your people with the whole customer story, from first contact through the entire journey. And we make sure your CRM is customer led, rather than technology led, to fully support your strategy and your people.

And by doing so, we unlock and deliver the full benefits of CRM. A central intelligence system that
connects and shares data across your sales, marketing and other functions. A single source of truth,
providing a 360 customer view. Along with significant increases to ROI, conversion rates and revenues.

The very foundation of my beliefs are reflected in the way our business operates.  Get to know our clients business as if it were our own, understand their aspirations, how they interact internally and externally, how they sell, support and deliver their products and services and then provide them with the information needed to make decisions, doing so in a way that makes them feel supported rather than told.

In short, we enjoy doing good business, in a good manner, with good people.



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